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"She's a painter -- but uses a camera and lens as her
brushes and pigment..."

Honestly, I can’t remember when photography hasn’t been a part of my life…
Family photos, movies, Polaroid … and then came digital, computers, and the ease of changing an image; suddenly the camera is able to lie …

My website update includes new “windows” COOL, WARM, FILM… and BOOK &… that includes my book pairs, that I self-published at the end of 2012, and my custom made cards.

There are many new images … try not to think about where, what, or why and just take in the colors, shapes, and textures and make your own connections. Years ago I made a big leap and embraced digital photography—a very different world from my film history. Now I can shoot all I want, download, crop, erase, and continue … It has allowed me to choose a part of each image and present only what I want people to see … and has allowed me to arrange, not change, what I see and sometimes take my images to abstraction. 

The use of Kodak black and white infrared film was a huge part of my photographic work for many, many years. With the discontinuation of the film in 2007, the photographs shown here may be some of my last (I have a few rolls in the refrigerator, properly stored and ready to shoot).  Many digital adaptations are available, but I have yet to fully explore them… The film is temperamental and unpredictable; has to be loaded in complete darkness, travel is daunting; the image made is never an exact science. Take only a few frames, hoard the film … it all boils down to uncontrollable elements: mood, time of day, location, clouds, and sunshine.

My photographs are the result of many, many hours wandering, waiting, and returning to the same places over and over looking for the best light and the promise of turning an ordinary image into a memorable one… 

In all my images I try to create order and simplicity. I keep a notebook of places I have visited and places I have passed through and must revisit… the light may have been wrong; companions impatient…

All photography is transient, dictated by changing light and how each individual eye sorts the information and chooses what to include.

These are my choices.



julie cleveland


University of California, Los Angeles / MA / Photography
George Washington University, Washington, DC / MFA program
University of Vermont / BA / Art and Psychology